Max Boost! Issue #6

Can you believe this issue came out in 1999?  This was around the same time Episode 1 of Star Wars was released!  (whattttttt) I know I know....

In this episode, I especially love the R2D2 version of "Otto D-2", and the flying Type-Arrrrr!  And well... Sebul-todd.....

Watch my video above to get the low down!

This was also the first issue of Max Boost that got the "Extras" pages.  As you can see, in Issue 5 we jokingly asked people to send us pictures of their girlfriends, and guess what?  Someone DID!   Via snail mail!  WE WERE ROLLIN' and had to immortalize the moment!

More good times comin'!

*** Which episode of Star Wars is your Favorite?  Comment Below - Best comment WINS a trip to the Sarlacc Pit! ***

Keep that "P.S.I. HIGH"

-Dennis and the Max Boost Crew

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