Max Boost! Issue #10

Annnnnnnnnddddd .... introducing PAPA WHEELY!   This is the first appearance of one of my favorite characters in Max Boost - the sometimes angry Kung Fu master and Tuner Shop proprietor.   With his sidekick mantis, named "Grasshopper", Papa Wheely is the right man to come to for your Tuner needs, but the wrong man to piss off - as Max Boost will eventually learn...

And, as you all know, I'm a HUGE Honda fan, so even though I seem to poke a little fun at Max's love for Honda's, just know that it's because Honda is my favorite car company of all time.  :)

One of my goals is to have a Ferrari one day, that has a license plate frame that says "My other car is a Honda"...

*** So, what's you favorite (or LEAST favorite) Tuner Shop you ever visited, and why?  Comment below - Best comment WINS a lifetime supply of invisible blinker fluid! ***

-Dennis Caco and the Max Boost Crew

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