Max Boost! Issue #11

Hi Everyone!

During this time (Year 2000), there was a huge fear of something called "Y2K", a possibility that all computerized machines would suddenly be defunct because, supposedly, as an oversight many computers internal clocks were not prepared to go beyond the year 2000.  

Believe it or not, many people were panicking about it.  So, in this issue, I decided to make Y2K a theme and, of course, Todd's Mustang was not "Y2K Compliant", so it died at the stroke of midnight.  I kinda regret that this was their first "official / unnoficial" race in which Max suddenly wins... but hey, it was all for the sake of the theme.

I remember we REALLY had to rush making this issue for a few different reasons, and to be honest, I never liked how it turned out.  We didn't have enough time to change or improve it.  But hey, this is a part of history!  Maybe I should consider it a "dream"?  Haha

Happy New Millenium!  Y2K!  2000!  (DANG, many of you weren't even born then!) haha

Keep boostin'!

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