Maxine Waters Loses It (Again) With Crazy Theory On Jason Chaffetz

The importance of mental health has been increasingly stressed upon recent years, and rightfully so. In view of that, perhaps certain members of Congress need to undergo mental health evaluations, starting with Maxine Walters, who has been seeing Russians everywhere, from the White House to under her own bed.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at Walters’ latest unhinged rant, where fresh off comments calling for President Trump’s impeachment and claiming that Putin had invaded Korea, she lobs another crazy accusation. The target this time is Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who had announced that he was not seeking reelection. Can you guess why Walters thinks Chaffetz isn’t seeking reelection? You guessed it; it’s the Russians again! If there are any Russians to be found, it’s clear they have taken up permanent residence in Walters’ skull.