MaxMapper! - New Easy Tool for Projection Mapping

Dec 13, 2019

[UPDATE: Don't use this, use the Max built-in "" object. Enjoy!]

[UPDATE: improved a lot the behavior of the mask! Now it doesn't use a mesh but an algorithm to check if points are inside a polygon. Enjoy!]

Hi dear Patrons!

I'm happy to introduce you to this abstraction I've been working on for a while.
It's a projection mapping tool that let's you do projection mapping directly from within Max!

During my last project I found myself struggling to map 4 videos to a curved surface, and I thought it would be lovely if I could just do this using my mouse.
So I developed this little thing.

It is just a beta, but the basic functionality is there.
It will evolve but I need a lot of your feedback to know what is missing and what could be done better. 

Hope you will enjoy it!

(Download unified with GumRoad in order to avoid versions discrepancies)
Download here:



How to install:
unzip the file inside the packages folder of your Max installation. 
Usually "Documents->Max8->packages.
Then you will be able to use the abstraction in all your patches by creating the object

How to use:

See the help file for the messages you can send to the abstraction.

Use the jit.world_maxmapper instead of a object, you can still use attributes and messages like if it would be a normal
Use "Shift + drag" to select multiple vertices, use "Ctrl / Cmd + drag" to move them afterwards.

You can select all the vertices of the grid and the mask by pressing "Ctrl / Cmd + A", and then move them by dragging with the mouse while keeping the keys pressed. 

See the attached video for details. 

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