May '16 News #1 - Things are Coming Together!
Hey everyone! As you know I've been working on 3D and trying to get a good grip on it, and I'm proud to say it's almost ready for full animation! Above is a sample of some of the animation with audio from Frigid & Friends.

~Stream Tier - 5/23 @ Noon EST~

Next Video

There's still a few days of work and bugs to iron out, but the next video will probably be Frigid & Friends. Please look forward to it!

Pengi's Odyssey Update

I'll be redoing what I've already started in 3D and making it a bigger production. I feel bad lowering quality to get a series going faster, so I'll be taking my time on it to make it really great. I'll also be switching out my penguin for the human character I've been working on. I hope you approve of this decision!