May 1st Starts 72 hour timer for Rewards!
Hey everyone!

Tomorrow (or over the next 72 hours) Patreon's awards will start to kick in and I'm going to be getting everything set up for everyone that has donated for specific tiers in between bouts of TRIXIE.

The best way to make sure everything is verified correctly is to take direct messages. If you donated for a tier with an award, please use Patreon's messenger on the side bar to send a heads up with your tier and whatever you'd like to request, link, or what have you.

Rooms will be open over the next 3 days, and the big monthly celebration post will be scheduled on the 3rd at 10:00 PM MST so everyone has time to get their submissions for it in.  As a reminder, these rewards are specific tier picks, so not all are retroactive to lower tiers.

Thanks a ton to everyone that donated once again! I really didn't think this would go anywhere near as high as it did so quickly. It's really humbling to see that we have so many loyal fans.