Would you look at that, it's almost June! I hope your summer starts off spectacularly!

I completed seven Saint for Rent pages over the past month. I had some health issues to look into, but I'm handling it, and hopefully I'll be able to increase page production after next month. 

Regarding my graphic novel NewsPrints, I have half a book to color as of today. I'm excited to finish it and start visual development for book 2! So, you can probably expect more concept art in the sketchbooks this summer.

Now then, here's what's being sent out on June 6th!

  • Updated sketch stream password!
  • Sketchbook PDFs and Comic GIFs  to $5+ patrons! 
  • $10+ patrons ALSO get the 3 layered PSDs (2 SfR pages, 1 illustration) from the previous post!

There will be some more SfR character fashion in this month's sketchbook, as well as some WIP of an illustration I did for an upcoming Fire Emblem zine. :) If you're interested, I'll be posting more about it later on my twitter and tumblr.

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend, guys! <3