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Rookie-You get a Thank You on the show when you first pledge.
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Shamus-You get access to our Premium Site containing all the extras we send out on the app for the life of the site.
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Detective Sergeant You’re a listener, and you listen to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio. As a no-nonsense Detective Sergeant, you get access to the premium site. You get early access to all episodes before the podcast is recorded, so you can listen to them and (if you like) have your comments on the episode read on the episode when it airs. Plus your choice of one Adam Graham e-book when you join and every six months thereafter.
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Master Detective: You know everything (or would like to) and we help you out. You not only get everything included in the Detective Sergeant package, but you also get early access to Adam’s unedited commentary on the shows as soon as he records them. .Adam will share all public domain programs he’s listening to in a given week. including Comedies, Drama, and Adventure stories. He’ll also provide a list of the non-public domain shows he listens to, as well as movies and TV shows (perfect for the snooper.) You also will receive access to a full archive of Adam’s current ebooks as PDF documents and you’ll get access to all new ebooks included as part of being a Master Detective.

You can record a bumper to be played before Adam’s after-show commentary. (ex: Hi, this is Johnny Dollar and you’re listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.) You can include a mention of a website or business. (ex: Hi this is Johnny Dollar of Dollar Independent Insurance Investigations,, and you’re listening to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio.) Your bumper will be played no more than once a month. Bumpers may be updated if you would like to change it. All bumpers subject to host approval, and I reserve the right to decline any inappropriate or non-family friendly bumpers. No bumpers for financial service websites or businesses are permitted. If uncertain whether whether the bumper you'd like to use would be approved, please email the host. Bumpers will air at most once per month.
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Chief of Detectives: In addition to the benefits of Master Detective, you’ll receive signed paperback copies of any currently published novels by Adam Graham that you’d like and a free signed copy of all future books. You may request one Public Domain Radio program of any genre being played as a special. The request is subject to host approval. Requests for Horror, Adult Content, non-public domain programs, and the Shadow will not be accepted. However, if you're request is declined, you can request another. Your request will be put on a list to be played as one of eight listener Patreon listeners specials per year.  If the goal for a New Podcast is achieved, listeners may suggest ideas for the new series. I'll choose out favorites from the suggestions and send out a vote to all listeners at the Chief of Detectives level.
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