May 2016 rewards
Teaser for May 2016 rewards.

Next month's reward :

F.N.a.F - Bonnie / 'Your worst nightmare' artwork

※Bonus: Photoshop brushes used for Bonnie artwork (total: 6 brushes) + PNG shine spectrum.

※$15 Tutorials: including drawing and painting female skirts+frills and male pants.

+ all usual rewards:

※Complete PDF progress shot explanation, including: brush settings, mini painting tutorials, color palettes, inspiration, and more.

※Full progress shot of the finished art.

※1000px PSD file with all the layers (lineart, colors, effect, etc).

※Full size JPG picture of the finished art.

※Clean PNG lineart of the artwork (you may recolor but please credit).

Rewards will be sent after all pledges are processed (around May 6 / May 7).

Thank you for all support as always ^^

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