May 2016: Transitioning to solo mentorships
There is no more group tier (just the existing group patrons being grandfathered in to the solo tier).

The solo tier is the only tier with available spots.

What do you do in the solo tier?

Come up with 1 project to work on for the month (can be 3d scene, objects, props, weapons, your website portfolio, etc). You cannot change topics throughout the month. 1 topic for 1 month.

Next you'll create a schedule to stick to as much as possible.

After that start getting to work on stuff. Facebook message me with your weekly progress  by Saturday am (6am PST) and I will paint over, do video feedback, etc of things to address and get to you by Sunday/Monday am.

You'll keep that cycle up till the end of the month. It's up to you how much you want to tackle (start and finish in 1 month or start and finish across multiple months). I just ask that you be clear on your goals.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your progress and work!