May 2017 and the road forward
Hey folks!

We are rapidly approaching the next general build. Most of the bugs from 0.4.0 have been fixed. Thanks to your generosity, I have been able to purchase and implement Rewired to give you controller support, remappable keys, and much better input. SCP-106's behavior is almost fully implemented, and two new rooms are almost complete (with an event!)

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on finishing up my work on the two rooms and SCP-106 as well as a couple of other things, and then release the general build.

What happens next?

There are several things I could work on in the next build. For sure, I plan on upgrading the shadow system, as well as adding dynamic occlusion culling which will hide rooms the player can't see and help with framerate a ton. But beyond that, there are several directions I could go.

I could focus on adding animations to existing SCPs. I could implement keycards and some other items. I could implement some of the other light containment SCPs.

I'm probably going to put up a poll in the next few days both here and on the forums, and ask people what they would like to see. But if you guys have any comments in the meantime, feel free to toss them my way!

Thanks so much for your support, looking forward to some more great SCP development this month!

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