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May 2017 - Paid Post
Hi everyone!

This month, we've got some fantastic rewards for all Patrons, including Champion of Earth's Print and Play for all Patrons, a brand new Era: The Consortium Session and some fantastic Wallpapers.

We've also added some new formatting to the Era: The Consortium Sessions! We hope you like the enhanced graphic design, more similar to the Rulebook and Primer layouts.

N.B. You might notice that some Specilaities now refer to the Rulebook Primer / Core Rulebook instead of providing explanations. We are making the assumption that all players have moved over to the v1.0.1 Definitive Edition Rulebook, Core Rulebook or Rulebook Primer. If that's not the case, please contact Ed for a free Digital Version of the v1.0.1 of whichever book you are using!

You can also hop over to our Kickstarter and join in the Era: Survival Expansions Kickstarter: - the Campaign is running now! We're looking to include an Era: Survival Session every month before much longer, so when better to grab a copy of the Rulebook?

And, today, we're actually at MCM Comicon in London, so if you're around, drop by Stand 722, a little way in from the S5 Entrance! Hope to see you there!

Next month, we'll have some more fantastic rewards, so stay tuned!

- Ed

P.S. Don't forget you can stay up to date with everything we're doing by following us on our website's news feed ( or on Facebook (

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