May 2017 Update!! Welcome new patrons! <3
Hello everyone and welcome to the May 2017 term. I'll be starting work on patreon rewards tomorrow, but I figured I let you know what's new around here first <3

 NEW PATRONS:  We've got some new people in our patron family! Please welcome Thomaswriter (pledging $1 here on this account) and Leslie K (pledging $1 on the nsfw account). It's great to see more folks supporting my works. Thank you patrons new and old for your continued support. It really helps me out with groceries, bills, etc. I hope your experience is going well!

 If you're new to joining my Patreon and you're reading this please send me a message if you have any questions either on here or on discord. Discord is the best place to contact me. I have the app available on my phone and I check it more frequently. 

CHANGES: As you may have noticed last month I did add somethings to tiers and increased prices on others (only those not occupied). Hopefully these new changes will be drawing people in.

I may not be posting as much nsfw content here as I used to. The polls we do from now on will still have a nsfw version for the characters you vote on. However, I'll be posting those files to discord from now on and not here. So if you're not already on the discord server please join up there and keep an eye on the "Patreon Supporters" channel for nsfw downloads from now on.

BIRTHDAYS: We have a couple birthdays to celebrate this month! Everyone please wish Poptard and Phallen "Happy Birthday" in the comments if you like. Poptard's birthday was last month, but I'll be doing a birthday sketches for both of them later this month :D

MONTHLY FANART POLL:  I will be posting a poll here soon with recommended characters from patrons included on the poll for the monthly fanart piece. Feel free to send me your opinions on this whenever you like :D