MAY 2018 Group Art Challenge Submissions + June Theme
As chosen by our Patreon Community, the theme for the May Group Art Challenge was "Spring Has Sprung"

We voted on JUNE'S THEME and "Human Portrait (Not Self Portrait)" was the winner. Submit your human portrait artwork and get featured in the June GAC video posted to YouTube. I'll take suggestions for July's theme closer to the end of this month.

TO SUBMIT YOUR ART: Post your image here on Patreon:

Make sure to specify in the comments that you are giving me permission to use the image for the art challenge video.

If the file is too large to upload, please make a smaller copy and upload it. Or upload your file to Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud or any other file sharing service and then send me the link to download it.

You may submit more than one image, but only one will be featured in the monthly video. If you have submitted more than one image, I'll choose one for the video.

Deadline for submissions is the last day of the month, but submitting earlier than that is always appreciated when possible.

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