May 2018 wrapup
These things keep sneaking up on me.  :)

Patreon stuff:

Obviously the big project this month was Turok. That's sitting in a beta branch on Steam with two known bugs remaining (Mesa doesn't work without forcing an environment variable and the end credits render transparently), to be fixed shortly. I've also been spending time getting this back up to speed on macOS and doing silly polishing things like making sure the game has an icon and stuff. After these issues are cleaned up, I expect we'll move it out of beta.

I'm also working on the top secret next game, which hopefully will roll out this month.

And of course, I caught the 2ine bug again this month, adding NE executable support, but don't worry, I'm sure I'm moments away from the next shiny object distracting my attention elsewhere.  :)

SDL stuff:

To reduce spam, I'm going to start putting the SDL updates in here, too.

This month was about optimizing the audio converters: NEON codepaths got written for ARM processors to match our existing SSE2 code, I added SDL_HasAVX512F() for those of you with swanky Intel chips that offer AVX-512 instructions, rewrote the int32/float converters to not use doubles, and started my master plan to align everything for SIMD processing, which is still in-progress. Oh, and the Metal renderer is no longer broken.

Ryan stuff:

School is officially out for the year now, so my focus tends to fluctuate, as I never taught Olive boundaries about leaving daddy alone when he's working (to be fair, daddy is always working so boundaries would be detrimental in other ways). Also, my keyboard's "down arrow" key is broken and I miss it like a lost tooth. There's a replacement key slouching towards Charlotte on a US Postal Service truck somewhere in America, though; soon I will probably spend a lot less time repeatedly baffled as I fail to move my text editor's cursor, speeding everything up.

Also: I need more games to port. I have a bunch of maybes floating out there, but pretty soon I'm going to need definite yeses to work on. If you know someone in need, send them my way please.

Thanks for your patronage, as always; it was genuinely heartwarming to see everyone's reaction to Turok...I was worried that something that wasn't the newest and hottest title wouldn't be interesting, but you all let me know it was the right thing to work on. I'm glad we all get to revisit it, and people are enthusiastic for games that are off the beaten path. More of that coming up soon!

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