May 20th, 2017 - Birthday Concert & Updates
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HELLO! And good after noon to you all. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sticking with me through this amazing and transformative year. I have been writing and performing my tail off and it is now time for the special concert, once again. 

I am hosting the 2nd Annual "Broadcast Love." This was a creation made by the original formation of the Sheldon Botler Music band. This year is going be better and even more fun than the previous. 

The featured artists are, local legend, William Hawkins, Jessica Gallion, and Dietra Walker. 

                                                                     Catching Up

How HAVE YOU BEEEENNNN!!!!!!???? (For real, like actually respond ^_^ )

My father's memorial was AMAZING!!! Spent a week in Seattle taking care of the arrangements and family matters and I am back on it. And Because of the funeral, this month, there will be no donation to Summer Search. But, the music is still rolling and I've got this performance lined up for May 20th, some mini features, making a trip to Hawaii in hopes to build connections with venues out there, and I got booked for a performance in Seattle, WA. 

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