MAY 22 UPDATE 1001 Stories Podcast Network
Hi Folks

As always a personal thank you for hanging in there with us. 

Things are getting more exciting by the week in terms of the new listeners that have been joining us at 1001 Heroes and 1001 Classic Short Stories.

My host Audioboom provides numbers of listens for each show, each episode, and for the combined total listens, and I can look at 7 day, one month, 90 day, and year.

In the past six weeks or so the 7 day total for combined has gone from 60K to 115K, moving the meter pretty fast past a projected 5 million listens/year if we stopped growing tomorrow.  I think we finally hit the point where growth happens fast.

1001 Heroes finally broke into the top 30 in iTunes "Society & Culture- History" shows rankings, and 1001 Classic is pushing that number in the "Arts-literature" category where they are housed at iTunes.

There was a terrific response to the two-part Lost Colony Story, and the interview in part two went very well. 

We changed the name of the new show from Americas Best of Times to 1001 Stories For the Road, and I'm anxiously waiting to see that get some traction.

You can check us out anytime at

Thank you Again!