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May 6, 2016
Heyy guys and I’m back at it agaain with the new releases ;D 

Okay that might have been bad…buttt today we only have one chapter for you which is Language of God Chapter 4! We have bad news, well its ont all bad but we are putting LoG on hiatus until we get a few more members into our group and things are steady. Thankyou so much to all the people that are joining our group, I am so happy that we are expanding so quickly! Im sorry once again for only 1 release this time but I hope you have a fun time reading this one! I know life can get in the way so once again just wanna give a shoutout to the great team at BAP :D The good part is that we will be picking up LoG in the future once everything is running smoothly so no worries LG fans! Soo nothing left to say..OH I WAS THINKING TO START A QUESTION OF THE WEE, ISNT THAT SMART?? LOL lets have a basic one to start with. 

Question: whats your fav ice cream:)) (Comment below bishes)

Language of God Chapter 4

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