May Advance Tier Poll result is in!
Order is based on request with highest vote to lowest.

Shaded Sketch
5. A Farseer and a Tanith guardsman in a dance battle over a grox burger
7. Guard girl gets stuck with the dreaded kitchen duty
3. Sisters of Battle pillow fight
4. Maugen Ra and Jain Zar on a date
6. Tau battlesuit giving a flower to a Dreadnaught

10.  Sister of the Order of the Sacred Rose, wearing a sun hat and tending a rose bush
8.  Adepta Sororitas and female Astra Militarum having a slumber party
4.  An Ork Mega-Nob and Space Wolf Terminator fighting in close quarters
1.  A kid with a Necron as the Iron Giant (from the Iron Giant movie)
11. Slaanesh daemon flashing a horrified Sister