MAY Catalogue Vol. 2

My new books: PROJECT BOOKS Type V and Type G are coming! LVL 5+ Wirrudos will automatically be the first people to receive them before the release date!

They'll be available to everyone for Pre-order from May 15 at the WIRRU MART: 

The release date is June 30.

These books are a fusion of my Photobooks and Tutotial Booklets. They will feature one project each, containing not only pretty photo sets of the cosplays, but also the complete documentation of WIPs and methods. 

Please look forward to them <3


SOME UPDATE on APRIL LVL 5+ Wirrudos!  The April reward item: GENJI BODY PILLOW, is now being produced! They will be sent out as soon as they arrive!

SAMPLE PACK REQUESTS: These are also about to be sent out! Please look forward to them!  Sorry about the delay in both these rewards! Please rest assured they are on their way! <3