Changes coming in May.

Additional tier!

There will be an additional tier of $15 added.

Monthly stickers and prints shipped to you!

2 sets of 4 stickers, with several themes to choose from!

2 High quality 11x8  gloss prints of paintings! I will do 2+ each month, if I do more then 2, you can pick which two you want!

2 black and white regular paper coloring pages, with several images to choose from!

These will be shipped to you!

Address is required for this tier. (US only, if you are not in the US and you still want stickers and prints each month, contact me with PM and I will send you a paypal invoice based on out of country shipping charges instead)

This tier will NOT be included in the $30 tier. If you are in the $30 tier and want this added, just change your pledge to $45 in april.

This new tier will have all the tiers benefits included under it.

Of course, if you ever want to purchase stickers or prints of my work separately/ASAP, just PM me, I'm always available for that!

(Some of the stickers and prints offered will be a collaboration between myself and my sister, who does amazing anime work, I'll label which ones are done by which so you all will know) 

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