May Days
Hello everyone,

Just a quick update here at the start of May regarding our recent schedule and some things going on behind the scenes.

The good news: everyone has been so busy with Stellaris that instead of doing Endless Legend this week, we're going to get right into Stellaris. I'd planned on giving it a little more time, but everyone seems pretty eager to talk about it, so we're going to go ahead and capture that energy. We're recording the episode this weekend. It promises to be a monster.

The bad news: our hand was forced a little bit this week. We wanted to bring you the "Revisiting Endless Legend" show that handily won our April poll. However, after a couple weeks of trying to round up a panel for it, I've had to punt that topic until closer to the end of this month. The problem is that I'm the only one of our regulars and semi-regulars that's been playing the game much of late… and I'm also one of the only people not busy with a Stellaris review. So we're going to have to wait on Endless Legend until that show can be more than a Rob Zacny spoken word album.

The new poll for this month is going up on Monday. So the plan right now is for for the end of May and start of June to feature two listener-chosen topics. Fair warning: the poll this month will probably feature some hard choices. It never rains strategy games, but pours.

My apologies for the ongoing scheduling issues. The combination of some major travel events for some of our regulars and some (good, I promise!) unexpected events in my own life has continued to keep me off balance. As always, your support means the world to me and to the rest of the gang.

To recap:

Stellaris this week.
New listener poll this week.
End of the month: Endless Legend, then the new listener poll-winner.