May Game Giveaway
Spring is finally in full swing, and that's time to celebrate! Yes, while technically Spring started in late March, around these parts the number of pleasant days in April we get to enjoy outside is as random as a d20. So we never really get to start enjoying outdoor festivities in earnest until around now.

Spring is a pretty fun time. The weather gets warmer. The land gets greener. And you start seeing all manner of feathered and furry friends reemerging from their long slumber to begin the cycle anew.

And we thought: who doesn't love critters? 

We know we do, And we hope you do too! Because we're using it as the pretense for this month's Patreon backer giveaway. It may not be creatures in the wild exactly, but May offers up a bunch of creatures all the same with ZooScape by Tasty Minstrel Games.  You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.    

In this lightweight casual card game, the animals at the zoo have all escaped their cages! It's your job to round up all the different escapees and get them back into their pens, which is represented by trying to collect specific sets of different creature cards during each of the game's three rounds. The person with the most points after three rounds wins!

The hook to this game is that it utilizes the classic "I Pick, You Choose" mechanic, wherein one person or team splits a row of cards (in this case animals) into two distinct piles, and then each person simultaneously tries to claim one half of the cards. If you're the only one, then you get your quarry and are done. If more than one person claims a pile, then the row is split again and the process repeats until everyone gets at least something. 

You know, like a pigeon. We're not sure the game has pigeons, but it seems like very zoo has them. They never seem to be in an enclosure though...

Using a mix of simple mechanics, light strategy, and a dose of luck, ZooScape makes for an accessible half hour game with vibrant artwork. And it could be yours, just in time for Spring.  

Per usual, all Patreon backers are automatically entered each month. If you're not a backer, consider doing so today!

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