MAY Hella Rad BOTM!
HEY Y'ALL! (Can I say that if I've been to TX, like, 3 times in the last 3 months?),

These are the three blocks we'll be making over the course of May. Super fun, right? Some are a bit more challenging than others but I'll post a step-by-step video tutorial for each one.

You can be part of the Hella Rad BOTM club when you sign up as a member of the 'Quilt Gang', 'Sew Squad', 'You + Me' or 'Hot for Teacher' tiers. You'll get access to these patterns, plus all the ones from previous months. JUST SIGN UP ALREADY!

Also! For those of you in Sew Squad + : I'd like to set a goal that we each have at least ONE of the BOTM blocks made for our May end-of-the-month Google Hangout. That way we can all show and share what we've made.

And don't forget to post your blocks and progress on social - for IG and Facebook, use the hashtag #hellaradbotm so I can see how everyone is coming along! WOO!

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