May News, May Flowers
Hello everyone!

It’s May - well, as I’m writing this, it’s April 30th, but when I post it, it’ll be May, so that counts, right?

So far, we’ve had lots of April showers here but no pilgrims. 

Welcome to my new Patron!  Now we’re to the two serial posts a month part. If you need to catch up on that, you can find all the Expectant Wood posts here .

So what happened in April?

I posted a bunch of Spring, Eggshell, Rebirth-style reposts:

I posted three reposts for the Aunt Family - 

Damn Cat;  What to do about Auntie X ; and Estate , covering two Aunts (since this was Aunt Family month), Zenobia and Ruan, and one might-some-day-be-an-Aunt, Beryl. 

And I posted a Trunk story -  The Wish Machine  (More Ruan).

I also have managed one new story so far this month: Inconvenient Magic , with an entirely different Aunt, Asta. 

Beryl’s date is well over 1000 words and still coming.

That means I owe you a serial post, Beryl’s date and another short story, a map, a recipe, and another trunk story.  It’s getting there, I promise you!

All that being said, we come to the point of May’s theme

Would anyone object to me going with the runner-up from April’s poll, Fae Apoc - society and Ellehemaei (Setting)?  I really want to delve into the background of this world, and I was a little bummed it lost, especially by so small a margin (one vote!)

I’ll give it ‘till Friday, when I’ll put up the prompt call or, if there’s significant objection, a poll. 

I hope you’re all enjoying beautiful weather and bright flowers - in the Northern Hemisphere - and a mild coming-winter in the Far Away Lands.