May Newsletter
There's been tons of stuff going on, and I'm barely keeping on top of everything! Now that the big spring rush is over I have a little more time to keep working on projects and plan new ones! 

Also, have a picture of my dog enjoying the orchard! Because why not? 

What's up this month: 

  • Based on your votes The Adventures of Tim and Jim win for my next editing project! Five chapters are up on Scribophile, so if you've been using Scrib to critique my chapters you can have access to chapters. A more polished version will be available on Betabooks and as a PDF. This book is much shorter than The Hymns of Creation at a projected 75k words, and (I believe) much more accessible than epic fantasy. 
  • The Hymns of Creation is currently "resting" as I wait for more critiques to roll in.  There's not much I can do to edit the manuscript until I receive more feedback. In the meantime, I'm critiquing other manuscripts on Scribophile to increase my critiquing circle. 
  • Displaced and Fundraise That! will continue as scheduled. I'm glad I'm using Displaced as a dry run for a bigger sci fi webcomic that I'd like to do--more news on that as I clean up the script and continue planning. 

That's all for updates! I'll be going on a short vacation at the end of May, so I'll schedule some content to go out while I'm away! 

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