May: On A Digital Detox
This month I'll be in the forest with Camp Grounded (campgrounded.org).  Off the line, off the net, in the woods, in a tent.  Hope to see you outside.  Last post for a while.  Love you all.  Please enjoy the tunes.  Be back with some new ones next month.

Well I've been in the woods 3 weeks

20 days by Fidget Wigglesworth's count

and I made some new famly out there

with new names, I know nothing about what they do

my new friends from camp

they wore Nude to the streak at the 70s dance

I came all this way to feel hope and I feel it...

I've been in the woods 3 weeks

24 days by F.W.'s count

and I made some decisions out there

like some things I can't live without

like Air

Prow-Prow's hand in mine 

as we dip in the creek for the very first time

I came all this way to feel hope...

Hope is just a muscle I flex when I am telling

the "Downer Man" to shove it

cause the ideas that he's selling

are broken and doomed I'll be dambed if I don't have better things to do than be cursing and choking on knowledge and theorys and figures and facts that say: "all is lost and we're better off letting the world go"

For all that its worth and the good things thats in it

I won't waste an hour, not even a minute

I'm telling you now like the seeds that I'm sewing

for every demon an angel is throwing a

PARTY like its 9999!