May Patreon Update
We wanted to let all patrons know what was in store for them in the month of May.

This month we plan on releasing the next episode in the new Worst Console Series and all patrons will receive early access to watch it before anyone else! Also pay attention for behind the scenes material and exclusive videos as they're released.

Because this is the first official month of the revamped Rerez Patreon I would like to hear from you! I will be having an all patron voice chat on our Discord server. This will be an opportunity for me to learn what you're hoping to get from your Patreon experience. The chat will take place May 4 at 9:00 pm EDT. To join our server follow this link:

(Be sure to claim your Patreon reward for exclusive access to our private Patreon group chat on our Discord server!)

For level 2 and level 3 patrons I'll be hosting streams on my favourite games. The schedule will be:

⦁ May 11 @ 8:00pm EDT: Full Throttle

⦁ May 25 @ 8:00pm EDT: Jack Box Party Pack (which we'll play together)

If you miss it don't worry. We'll have the recorded stream uploaded and saved for your viewing pleasure. When I get closer to the editing and post-production stage of my next video I will schedule a stream to give you guys an inside look on how Rerez episodes come together in editing.

And finally for level 3 patrons it's the first month of the Rerez Game Club. We're waiting on our welcome materials that we ordered but as soon as they're in we'll be mailing out your exclusive membership cards. More information to come on this month's game selection and when the game chat will take place.

You aren't just patrons, you're producers of Rerez. This show simply couldn't happen without you. Anytime you have an idea, suggestion or concern never be afraid to talk to me about it.

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