May - phone snaps, part one
Putting these posts together is actually extra fun a few months on! I missed doing them, but the internet and my laptop combined in Virginia made it, maybe not impossible, but exceedingly tedious, so I saved it for my return home. 

Getting my packing started!

(I did a two days in photo sets May 4-5 while were on the way to Virginia. I'll be making a separate post for them. So we jump from at home to the motel in Virginia!)

May 5 - I have a pretty good idea of the little things I'm going to want to remember, so I took a picture of the couch pattern in our motel.

I was really struggling to cook in Virginia for a while, this little unfamiliar kitchen with an electric stove. 

May 7 - Cute sidewalks in downtown Fredericksburg.

Alley by the visitor's center to a little courtyard.

May 8 - My allergies in Virginia were something else! 


lifesaving throw blanket from ang. 


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