May plans + giveaway winners!
Hi everyone!

Currently uploading the rewards, so in the mean time--

May plans!

Started the month with a convention in Indiana and I have another one in the middle of the month! ACEN!!

In between the shows I'll be trying to finish adi's portrait, make a few mini OC and fanart paintings here and there, and even finish some commissions. 

Also thinking of starting a new large illustration after ACEN. What of exactly, I'm not quite sure, but I want to make another very detailed environment scene. More details will come later!

Annnddd now!

It's time to announce the winners of the giveawaayyy!

I'm using a random generator again and here are the winners:

1. Jaizure

2. Chanaël Burat

3. Connor Mallory

Expect a message from me soon! Rewards are going to be sent out within the hour,


I painted over the old image above a little bit (maybe a lot but it's not done at all ahaha). Will probably work on their design in my sketchbook this month.