May Postcard // ♡
Hello, hello, hello again! 

Here's a look at the postcard prints going out for my ~Mystical Treasure~ tier (and above!) patrons for their April pledges ♡

And thanks to the April pledges, I'm elated to say we've reached the first goal?! What?! I can't even believe that!?

In case you haven't seen, my first goal was to reach $50 in pledges, which allows me to pay for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.


With the Creative Cloud, I have all the up-to-date Adobe software to make ALL THE THINGS. WOWOWOW. I'm so so so excited to put it to use!

Thank you to my patrons for making it possible!! Kinda makes me cry a lil bit hueeeeAAHHH ♡♡♡

The next goal is to reach $100 in pledges~ once the goal is reached, we'll have a raffle for an 8x10 commission of the winner's choice. Let's see how soon we get there, I guess?!


In other news, I'm so sorry for the lack of updates this past month, but I hope you'll understand with the extraordinary circumstances (unexpected family deaths & health scares, etc.) it's been difficult to focus and produce work with so much going on (frankly, it's the most exhausted I've been in a long time).

I was able to pour some of the grief and anxiety into artwork, but it was all so personal. I like to be honest and open with y'all in my artwork, especially about things like anxiety & existential suffering, but some things felt like, just too personal of a line to cross to make posts out of.

So thank you for sticking around and for your understanding, and I hope that explains my recent inactivity, and this coming month we'll definitely have much more going on! ♡


Anywho, just a quick summary of our rewards!

**$5 Pledge & above**

Sketchbook PDFs & 10% Off Coupon Code will be posted here on Patreon (as opposed to via e-mail like last month, I think it'll feel much more consistent) on Friday, May 5th ♡

**$10 Pledge & above**

Postcard prints will be mailed out on Friday, May 5th, and I'll DM you your tracking numbers here on Patreon just like last time ♡

**$20 Pledge & above**

20% Off Coupon Code & Tutorial Request link will be posted here on Patreon on Friday, May 5th ♡


Thank y'all so much! Let me know if you have any questions for sure.

If you're new around here, feel free to browse my page  and become a patron  yourself! ♡

Have a wonderful week~

Ashley ♡ Love