May Publications
This month I started a new novel (MG portal fantasy) and wrote a ton of stuff for Book Riot.

Guide to Free Comic Book Day 

I was asked to create a guide to my favorite holiday, so I did.

Queer Eye for the Classics Guy: Romantic Hero Edition 

I am inordinately proud of this one. There's an Authors edition forthcoming. Once I write it.

Unpopular Bookish Opinions 

Hahahaha I pissed some people OFF with this one.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Nero Wolfe 

A fictional detective showdown in which my clear bias toward Wolfe shows (and on Arthur Conan's Doyle's birthday! Shame!).

40 Frankenstein Quotes from Mary Shelley's Classic 

I stopped at 40 because that's a lot. I was only 1/3 of the way through the book. Damn but gothic lit is full of stunning prose.

Why Fans Should Watch the New LITTLE WOMEN 

I really loved the Masterpiece adaptation, and I hope to convince you to try it.

Read-Alikes for THE HAZEL WOOD by Melissa Albert 

Did you love Melissa Albert's novel? Me too. There is nothing else like it, but these books might help to fill the void.

The Great American Novelist is a Myth 

A rant + a proposal.