May reward is about to hatch...
Howdy there, patrons!

Your May reward will hatch soon, and it's quite a cock-up. In honor of my new book EMBRY: HARD BOILED released just a couple of months back, I'm giving you guys a short story that has never been published for public consumption! It was written for use in a writing WAR I participated in a few years back. It's a fun, goofy story that was... inspired by the above photo.

Yes, that's really me, in the early 2000s, and that chicken CHEATED...

Remember, all you $10 and up folks will get a PDF created just for you guys, and of course the $20 and up crowd get an actual signed print booklet version! 

Stay tuned. It should all be ready this coming week some time. Can't wait to see what you think! Love always - MAR

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