May Rewards Update
I'm gonna start posting a list of the month's rewards at the beginning of every month from now on so you guys have an idea of what you're getting for your buck. 

Before I dive in, I'm excited to say I've passed my final nursing written exam!! That means I'm due to sit my Ultimate Final practical exam at the end of June. After that I can focus 100% on creating content, which I am so stoked about. Anyway, that out of the way, this is what you'll be getting for this month's (May) rewards.

The theme for this month is mermaids! As it's MerMay. If you follow me on Instagram and Youtube you will see all the work I've created for this :) 

$1 Tier

Black Lady design - Patreon Exclusive (ALready posted)
Sailor Uranus - Early Access
High Resolution Thumbelina Redesign

$5 Tier

Black Lady - Back Details (Already Posted)
Sailor Pluto - Back Details
(Plus all above rewards)

$10 Tier
Mermaid Colouring Pages - One Patreon exclusive and one that can be seen (though not downloaded) publicly
Sneak Peek - Akane Tsunemori Redesign
(Plus all above rewards) 

1x A4 Signed Mermaid Print (Patreon Exclusive Picture)
2x A6 Mermaid Prints
(Plus all above rewards) 

$60 Tier

x1 Watercolor Mermaid painting
(Plus all above rewards)


I know I am SUPER behind on posting things out!! Now my exam is out the way I PROMISE I will post everything this Saturday!! Obviously the mermaid prints will be going out the beginning of next month :)