Hello everyone!

There's a couple of new folks this time so I apologize if most of you know how this works already- just in case, here's all the info again!

Payments have begun processing and it's time to start emailing me your reward requests!

Please email [email protected] with the subject line "May Patreon" (Patreon pledges for February get charged in March etc etc) and fill out the following that apply to you:

Postcard: ($25 tiers and up- send in your top three favorite ponies for me to dress as magical girls!)

Sketch: ($40 tiers and up- if you're a $75+ tier, remember that you can have up to two characters.)

Print: ($50 tiers and up- choose any one print from this gallery or one of the currently unreleased prints here on Patreon- http://leekfish.deviantart.com/gallery/51449962/Current-Convention-Prints and please be aware that some of the prints, such as the Dazzlings and Grunge series, are sets of individual character prints- so you could get Sonata OR Aria OR Adagio for example)

*The discontinued prints are up for grabs, but subject to availability! I will note that I have only just returned and thus have not been able to take proper inventory yet.

Color Print Commission: ($100 tiers- select one canon character from any series, MLP or otherwise, to be turned into a print)

I've only just returned from my Fanime/EFNW back to back convention chaos and have a bit of work left to do for April rewards, so I apologize if there's some delays. As I'm sure you all can imagine I'm quite exhausted, and while eager to get back to artwork, I do need to take some time to unpack and reorganize! I've also raised the Long Term Project goal to $1500 in order to better pace myself.