May... shit. When did that happen!?!?!
So May is happening, and what better way to ring in the month by doing a comic convention with 4 days notice!? 


(eye twitch) 

Ok. So here is whats on the docket for May, and now that i'm finally hitting my stride and also realized the patreon has a phone app i'll be able to post on the go! Which, should be pretty often if things go as planned. 

Ok, so on the docket for May in order of me thinking of them:

  • Doodles!  I'm still plugging away at my goal of 365 doodles this year and because you're supporters you get to pick which ones become future merch and if i get behind on doodles you tell me what to draw no matter what supporter level you are. Sweet deal. I'm going to continue to try to post them in a lump on Sundays. 
  • New merch!  I have a few cons coming up so new jewelry designs are a must to keep buyers interested. I'll post new designs through out the month in lumps like the doodle days. Many of my jewelry is not availible on my etsy shop so if you see something you need to have, be sure to comment because i can always so a custom order or you can also request many of them for your 20.00 reward levels.  I also have a couple lines of postcards releasing Friday so I'll be sure to post some of them here. 
  • Funko Customs! I have a bunch of pics from last month to collage and post, so there will be that, and also some fun ones to do this month so far including a special request for a "Supernatural" cast member who i've been commissioned from their significant other to create. I'm really excited of how this ones gonna come out. Much sculpting involved. 
  • Conventions! I have two conventions this month. I had the Ladies of SPN convention planned for months which takes place May 13th-14th, but out of the blue I also got into the artist ally of Cherry City Comicon this weekend April30-may1st. I have a few days only to prep for Cherrycon so it's going to be a mad race to make merch, figure out my layout, pack and also pack my travel case for working on my customs IN the hotel room at night which i'll share WIP pics. I may also do some Periscoping at these conventions so add me on periscope if you're into that kind of thing via @notlf 
  • The Kickstarter! I'm hoping to have everything lined up and submitted for approval the first week of May, but my work schedules have been nuts so this weekend which was going to be spent finalizing that, will have to happen throughout the next week or two time permitting. More important matters at hand first. 
  • Kindness! I don't know exactly what I'm going to do on the kindness front this month, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I'll think of something and update this later. ;) 

I am 2.00 away from hitting the 50.00 monthly goal so share my patreon  if you want to possibly receive one of the 3 prize packs that will get sent to randomly chosen supporters. It just has to happen before May 1st in order to trigger it for May rewards. So share away! Lets hit that 50.00 mark!