May Status Post
We hit the $110 goal last month, so I'll be making a second episode of the Undertale LP, probably this weekend.

The text and layout for Animated Discussions has been finalized; all I'm waiting on is the cover. Assuming I get that this week (which I'm supposed to), I should be done with the book around the 19th-20th. That's late enough in the month, however, that I'm not willing to make it available as a reward for $10 backers just yet. 99% sure it'll be one for June, though!

This month, and indeed most or all of this summer, I'll be doing Crisis on N Earths, Imaginary Story, and Retroactive Continuity posts for NA09. These tend to be more work than regular entries, so I'm going to try to spread them around more evenly instead of letting them pile up at the end of the month. I say that every month, though.

I have not yet watched the latest Stevenbomb--I am likely going to wait for TV air date--so I don't know yet how many episodes I'll devote to it. Might be one (as I did for the Zoo arc), might be a bunch. I dunno. Either way, this weekend will be Gravity Falls, and then I will do Gravity Falls when I don't have an SU or commission video to do.

Speaking of videos, you may have noticed that I now have a thumbnail/title screen for the Undertale LP and re:play. My nephew has been making them for me, and created some reusable just-fill-in-the-episode-number ones for the vlogs, so I'm going to be putting them on everything going forward. (And will be slowly adding them to past videos as well.) Also, since my nephew seemed surprised by this when I mentioned it to him: no, re:play does not end when I finish Final Fantasy VI, that's just the end of "season 1," so to speak. I already know the next 4 games I'll be playing for re:play, and two other games I'll be covering eventually.

(No, I won't tell you what they are. The last episode of re:play S1 will have a teaser/clue for S2, though.)

As always, $10+ backers can request their books/commissions either via PM or in a reply to this post. I'm also introducing a new policy: from now on, if a $15+ backer wants to also get a book, they can do so by adding $5 to their pledge (so $15->$20 or $30->$35) and letting me know when they request rewards in the following month's status post. So for example if a $15 backer wants a book as well as a commission in June, they should raise their pledge to $20 now, and let me know what book and commission they want after the June status post goes up.

(I am not going to make this a separate tier because I want to keep the existing limits on how many commissions I get.)