Man, what a ridiculous month really. Got some stuff up that I'm especially proud of and some stuff I'm not really proud of and some stuff that I'm not even sure needed saying but I said it anyway. In indie-game-y corner, it's been oneofthosemonthsTM (when is it not?) so I've rambled on a bit about some things that wot happened. Not Getting Paid: On the transience of our stores, really. "We build the tools into our games for our own obsolescence. We increase our chances of some day soon, there not being a payday for that work. All it takes is a management change. All it takes is a service being switched off. All it takes is a policy change on a closed door store. What might well be the place to go for the money right now may not be in two, three years time. " Get Paid: Probably shouting into the void a bit but I'm a bit miffed by some of the, erm, more accommodating words around Desura not paying out for the best part of 7 months. So y'know, if you're selling games, get paid? Seems kinda the deal but surprising how many people are willing to let that one go by. Big Indie & Kickstarter: A sort of response and a ramble around the idea that this mysterious entity called Big Indie is killing Kickstarter for smaller devs and trying to ignore the bit about a kickstarter bubble popping because what is with that all the time? Crap Redux: On wishing people would stop asking Valve to step in to stop things all the time. A frustrating recent thing on the internet and a worrying trend as far as I'm concerned. Obviously, I'm not extending this to hate speech/hateful stuff but y'know, games that maybe aren't up to an amazing standard or invariably, are just different or starter games. Crap: "We wanted a space where more people could make a living from their games, we make spaces where they can do this and then we tell them they’re shit for using that space." Also kinda from the end of April but there's still two games from this list that haven't been Greenlit and SHAME: Over on less ranty/rambly corner I've had an enjoyable month writing about a couple of things I've had on my list for ages. This is the stuff that I can't really find time for without a bit of an incentive so it's honestly really super helpful to be able to carve out a few hours to chalk it up and all that: Explorer: Is a piece on one of our first walking sims. Massive procgen world, stupidly massive at that and very pretty to boot. It's not a great game to play but it's an interesting little curio that's worth talking about and acknowledging it's place in our history. Lullaby For A Heartsick Spacer: I love this so much. Hex: OK, so this is one of the things I really, really wanted to find some time to write about so I'm super happy that a) I could and b) Wayne was happy to answer a ruck of questions. It's about the missing link between U2, Santa and videogames and as you'd probably expect, the intersection of pop music and videogames again. I'm not obsessed, honest. I can give it up anytime. And to accompany that, there's a great old interview with one of the developer's mentioned in that last piece. So I dug that out and threw it up onto the internet whilst I was at it. Once again, thank you all so much for your support. It means a great deal at the mo and more than you could probably know so thank you again.