May Summary

May was my first month on patreon. Let's see what sort of content my amazing patrons received this month!

Comic pages in high resolution (all tiers)

On Tuesdays, prior to putting a new page on Noosphere's website, I post here on patreon higher resolution version of it, almost twice as big as it's regular size. Don't miss tiny details!

Hi-res pages posted in May: 2.8.9 and 2.8.10 on May 4, when I launched my patreon; 2.8.11 on May 7; 2.8.12 on May 14; 2.8.13 on May 21; and 2.8.14 on May 28. Looking forward for next Tuesday's page and more revelations from Semeon!

Early access ($5+ tiers)

Early access allows to see new pages as soon as they're done! And since May was sooo productive for me, I managed to finish 8 pages, and 4 of them are still waiting to be revealed in June.

Here they are: 2.8.15–2.8.16 (May 25) and 2.8.17–2.8.18 (May 31). There were also 2.8.11–2.8.12 (May 5) and 2.8.13–2.8.14 (May 18), but those are already revealed.

Textless panels (all tiers)

"Textless" is a series of  weekly posts with selected panel from each chapter of Noosphere, in high resolution and without word balloons. After all, it's the art that takes most of the time when creating a comic, so you might as well enjoy it on it's own.

There were 4 Textless posts so far: #1; #2; #3; #4 (featuring hidden Semeon in last one). That's total of 32 pictures, and the comic is quite long, so there's more and more coming! Expect the next one at the end of the week, usually on Saturdays.

May Art Dump (all tiers)

Everything I've drawn in May collected in one big post (well, maybe not that big). Features some illustrations of Semeon and a ton of Noosphere process pictures in which you can see work-in-progress side-by-side with the end result, including some panels from not yet published pages. And some of my commentary on the subject as well.

May Art Dump post is right here, hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Thank you!

If you are already supporting me — thank you so, so much, it really means a lot to know that my work matters for someone. And if you're not — no pressure, you can always read Noosphere for free on it's website and follow me on social media (say, twitter, or instagram) to see my art.

That's it for now, we'll see how it goes in June. Take care! :)

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