May today's pledges have value in the future too~June Devlog.

Hello there! As always, thank you for supporting PBS, for playing the demo or for simply taking interest in this page! ✧ June devlog is finally here!   (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

First off, as previewed on Twitter, I'm going to talk in details about the new $1 tier description. I've indeed included a couple of new features to add value to everyone's pledge. Besides, it's going to get a lot funnier, too!     ⸜( *   '   '  *  )⸝★

The POINT system.

※Please notice that the art book is only digital, as Cry.


The Point system will allow Patrons to get privileges as soon as a pledge is being made (this is also retroactive for every pledge ever made). As Cry has just shown, every time you invest 1$ you get back 1 Point. 1 Point has the value of 1$ on every PBS's good and merchandise.


Let’s say that a new item related to the game is available. A Patron can just use the pledges already made to purchase it, or have a discounted price on it. 

Reason 1 I've decided to implement this system is that I plan to produce several goods of PBS. Because of that I wanted a system that would allow Patrons to get merchandise for free or with a discount, and with a righteous logic. Reason 2 is that I wanted to add extra value to pledges.

The STAR system. 

The Star system is going to get Patrons rewards in the long run. Every month you pledge is getting you a star. As opposed to Points, Stars have no exact value and can't be exchanged. But they are the trace that you've been here on a certain date!

Stars will be calculated in this way: every month you pledge gives you a star ★, every three stars ★★★ collected in the same year will turn into a big star . The color of the big star ☆ depends on the year you earned it.

New year will start in October! Stars from the period 2018/10 to 2019/10 are fluo green. Stars from the period 2019/10 to 2020/10 are going to be aquamarine. The older the star's color the more exclusive benefit.

Starting from October this year, fluo green stars will be no longer available. 

I thought about implementing the Star system because I wanted to add value to pledges during the long waiting the development is going to take. Tiers usually divide Patrons depending on the amount of money they pledge. PBS's supporting system allows everyone to get big benefits with the smallest amount of money.

※Please note that:

  • You don't need to choose one system, both are active simultaneously.
  • The Point and Star system aren't meant to divide people into ranks, only to add value to the pledges
  • The Star system isn't meant to get you worried about "collecting all the stars". If you want to support PBS just go at your pace, Stars are just an extra.

New merch preview! 🌸

That being said, sadly I haven't yet collected enough progresses on the development to post something relevant about it here. I would also like to talk about plans for the following six months, but I think this post has already gotten long enough.

So here's a little preview of the keychain exclusively coming with 「Kujikawa Days」 art book.

Compared to the original plans the art book's release date has been delayed. This has been partly caused to issues I'm going to talk in the next post, but for the most part, I've decided to postpone it and focus on working on different things because of problems in shipping the merch.

The art book is going to be published with a special edition too, containing physical goods. However, the country I'm living in now doesn't let me ship goods with a fair price, so I've decided to publish the book at a later time this year when I will be able to access another shipping system. After all, I would like to keep my original plan and have the regular and the special edition out at the same time.


Thank you for reading. I hope this post have had some interesting contents for you. Please forward any concern or doubts you may have about the Point and Star system. Patreons are going to receive an e-mail soon with their balance.

See you next post! Take care!  (*・・*)੭ ᵇᵞᵉ ᵇᵞᵉ


Starring Cry.

Art by me, Kuna.

Comics have been kindly proofreaded by Gospel.

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