Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you know about our upcoming streaming.  At the moment we only have X-Wing and Legend of the Five Rings over the next couple months, though we will be streaming the local Netrunner regionals in July.  I think we'll try to get an Armada kit event in there as well if we can manage it.  If there other events you'd like to see us cover, please comment below.

  • May 13 - Legend of the Five Rings | Stronghold Conflict #2 @ 401 Games
  • May 26 - X-Wing | Alpha Condor tournament in Montreal (hosted by Millenium Condor Podcast)
  • June 3 - Legend of the Five Rings | Stronghold Conflict #2 @ 401 Games
  • June - X-Wing | PTL Season 11 play-offs
  • June 24 -  Legend of the Five Rings | Stronghold Showdown @ 401 Games
  • July 21 - Android: Netrunner | Regional Championship @ 401 Games

We'll try to make sure that we get the full unlisted livestreams posted here for you on the day after we stream - I know that I missed doing that for the last L5R.

I one last bit of news, we'd like to thank everyone who may have voted for us in the 2018 Goldie Awards (https://www.goldsquadronpodcast.com/2018-goldie-awards).  We won Best International Stream!  Thank you to the Gold Squadron Podcast for hosting the awards and hopefully we can attend in person next time.

And thank you to all our supporters here on Patreon.