Hey everyone!

To say things have been busy last month is an understatement.

Apri has been by far the busiest I have ever been. The week of daily videos was one of the craziest experiences ever and that also included the two videos prior that were released only a few days apart. I definitely plan to do that again in the future though! It's great practice and people seemed to love seeing lots of different videos that week!

I also meant to do a vlog for Sakuracon while I was visiting but because of that week of videos, I was exhausted most of the time while down in Seattle. I decided to give myself the weekend to enjoy my time rather than worry about trying to get a video out each day while I was there.  I do have a few clips from the event which I think I might put together at some point for a vlog.

Speaking of a vlog, I also meant to do a vlog right after the con. A few days after the convention, my channel hit 20,000 subscribers! I was going to do a 20k video and talk about a whole bunch of things... but exhaustion. I still haven't completely recovered yet I feel. I had recorded some video for it but I decided to scrap it because it was disorganized and reviewing it I looked like I was rushing. I'll properly address a bunch of things in a re-recording soon.

On top of all this and being a huge Overwatch fan, trying to keep up with the Uprising event and continue to work on my channel has been really stretching my free time. I did a mini-livestream last night because it was the last day for me to try and get the Legendary achievement. Consistently, with a pick up group we kept getting to 2/4 or 3/4 Orisa. Oh well, haha.

AND SPEAKING OF LIVESTREAMS, I have officially released a schedule for those. Come follow me on Twitch every TUES/THURS @ 6PM(PST) and SATURDAYS @ 10AM(PST). That's 2AM and 6PM GMT respectively. I know I have a pretty big group of people in the Eastern Hemisphere so I'm doing an early morning stream for them on Saturdays. I'm doing video game streams primarily but I may do creative streams too. The first official stream was a live makeup session which people really enjoyed!

Finally, I got around to opening up a Discord server.  I wasn't really expecting a lot of people because only a few people had asked about it. I took the question to Twitter with a poll and about 200 people responded in favor for it. I still didn't think a lot of people would join after opening it but as of now we have over 650+ members! I had no idea I had that many active people in my community. The server has calmed down a bit but we still see around 150-200 people online. I really was not expecting it to grow as big as it is and each day has been a new set of challenges for us. If you're a Patron on here, send me a DM and your Discord handle and I'll add you to a Patron Chatroom. <3

Now May is here. I don't really have a whole lot planned until the Summer so hopefully this gives me time to settling in with all these new things I've engaged in. Thank you all once again! Your support has been tremendous and it really helps me out! <3

Oh, and I turn 30 this month. Good god.