"May You Be" (official music video) Launches!!

I’m so honored to OFFICIALLY share this beautiful music video for my song “May You Be.”  This song and music video is a visual  meditation on abundance, and on the gifts that we give to one another,  just by sharing this space and time gently and with compassion. It’s about honoring your body and uplifting each other in our unique journeys. It’s everything I want for you. And it’s everything I want for myself.  Please enjoy and share if you feel moved. <3

I wrote this song when I was in Paonia, Colorado in the winter of 2018. It was a time of deeply nourishing my own soul by investing TIME into making and thinking. But along that road, I stumbled into a beautiful community of people who felt so accepted and seen by. I wrote this song as a going away gift for them, but after I wrote it I realized it wasn't just for them. It was for me--and for so many people who I love. 

Deep gratitude to fellow Patron Alexandra Blakely for directing and editing, Charles Conatzer for shooting the footage, and for the many (many!) musicians and collaborators behind the scene who made it all possible. For Doug Indrick who was one of the first people I ever played this song for, and who brought so much life and heart to it every step along the way to it's completion-- and also to Isaac Castillo, Elena Loper, Cooper Stouliland 1 Shot Studio for recording the song. And for everyone in the video as well Doug Indrick Bex Lipps Cooper Stoulil Elena Loper Jess Rene LaTour Arren Lenau Noble Monyei Susan Gleason Jonathan Lawson Jo Lundahl Natalie Lubsen Kate Rose Linnea Lundahl Benjamin Jurrien Dean and a few people who prefer not to be named who know who you are! Xoxo

It takes a village to make art like this, and I’m so grateful to every one of you for being a part of this journey with me. 

Deep gratitude. 



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