This has been percolating for a while, but not really as an article; I was trying to decide whether I could write to someone I did not know and give this advice.  I decided I could not, but the advice was worth sharing, so I created the article this afternoon and got it posted pretty quickly.  It's web lot post #90:  Footnotes on Guidance, and it talks about some of my experience of being led into ministry positions.

I am about to post the link in all the usual places, but I find myself wondering whether I should or should not also post it on the Christian Gamers Guild Facebook page.  It gets a lot more traffic than I do, I think, but I don't like to abuse my access there.  On the other hand, much of this article relates to my ministry with the CGG, and there is a degree to which it might have been posted (it only now occurs to me) as an article in The Way, the Truth, and the Dice--except that the one individual for whom it is most intended would never ever see it there.  There's also an argument for posting it on a couple of Christian musician group Facebook pages, which I'm going to have to contemplate as well.  First, though, I'll do the round of the usual places, and I'll think about whether to expand from there.

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