Maybe I'm Amazed - Music Video!
Hi patrons!

Remember in February when I published an acoustic version of "Maybe I'm Amazed" and said it was a work in progress?  Well, I've made some major progress! In fact, I made a video!  I also decided a duet would be FAB, so I asked the fantastically talented Steve Maggiora (Steve the Wreck) to add some magic to the track and he did so in spades. I thought it was pretty cool that this was a long distance collaboration (Nicaragua/Los Angeles) so I decided to make a video depicting that.  

This video will be public so if you would like to share it PLEASE DO!!!  
I hope you love it!  Let me know if you do! (comment, like, share)
(Should this be on the next album?!!)
Behind the scenes note: There is one BIG vocal lick that I did 75 times* in a row in order to get it just right.  I think I may have driven a certain individual to the point of insanity.  
General note: This is not a "paid" post, but your patronage IS responsible for making it happen.   

Some other things that are flipping' cool about this collaboration:
A. Your support in February allowed me to pay/support another artist (Steve Maggiora). The fact that I will more often be able to reach out to other artists, musicians, engineers, videographers to help me create is HUGE.  You are not only supporting me, but a community of artists.
B. Steve Maggiora is one of my patrons - how cool is that?!!  I love that Patreon  is a network of creators that also support each other!  Steve is not the only artist supporting me and I'd like to give a shout out (and encourage you to CHECK OUT) all the incredible artists that currently or at one time supported me here on Patreon:
Steve Maggiora (Steve the Wreck)
Ernie Halter
Raina Rose
Lisa Chu
Rebecca Loebe  <--------------------INCREDIBLE NEW ALBUM "BLINK"
Craig Shields
Seth Horan
Fran Grinels (thanks mom!)

**** If I forgot anyone - let me know!!!! *****

And then, obviously, I recommend discovering the artists on Patreon that I support: Amanda Palmer, Megan Slankard, Carsie Blanton, Violet Bell, Brandon Hardesty, Birch Pereira and of course Raina Rose. :)  (Find links on the bottom right of my Creator Page, "Overview" tab.)

AND THANKS AGAIN TO COVERS CLUB MEMBER : TODD HOSKINS for this awesome song selection!

*this is not an exaggeration, actual count from Garageband.