Maybe you need a doodle postcard from Japan?
As you already know if you're a $5+ Patron, each month I send you a postcard in the mail with a random weird drawing on it. The ones pictured here were all sent out in the last couple-few months, and are pretty representative. Sometimes (often, really) the image on the front of the postcard provides inspiration for the drawing.

Well, so. Next month (November 2016) I'll be going to Japan, and that seems like a pretty good excuse to send $5+ backers fun, touristy postcards from Japan. If you're already a $5+ Patron, you're all set! Sit back and wait.

If you are NOT a $5+ Patron, but desperately want me to draw a weird thing on a Japanese postcard and send it to you, well. Make sure you pledge $5 or more for the month of OCTOBER. That's this month. The one that's almost over. Pledges for October are charged at the beginning of November, hence October-backer postcards are mailed in November.

If you JUST want to plop down $5 for the month of October to snag a card and otherwise drop back to a lower tier, or you just want to do a one-time pledge, that's cool! I have no problem with that.

But I encourage you to stick around for November, as I'm planning to do short diary comics of my Japanese travels, and Patrons will get first peep at those.

So yeah. Just a few days left to hop on the postcard train* to JAPAN.

* Not actually a train.

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