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May's Let's Riff is Live and Ready to Melt Your Face!
This month we come flying back atcha with more Hitman and you guys 'n' gals get it a day early.  Please feel free to comment on YouTube today and come tomorrow please SHARE.

You incredible folks already do so much for us and we may finally be getting paid for all the hard work and time we sink into making our Let's Riffs  quality but the hauntingly low views are still a very serious issue.  

So if you share on social media, know that you are a hero to us.  Seriously, a hero.  No joke.

Thanks are also in order for finally lifting us nearly a $100 above the $1,000 mark! That's bananas!

Now that the monthly Let's Riff is live, it's back to work on Episode 205.  "We've got more than enough on our plate".

Welp, see you all next month and thank you for helping us keep the lights on at Agonywolf Media for another 30 days!

Zombie Hugs and Robot Thugs,