Mayweather (Boxer) vs McGregor (UFC Fighter)
August 26th 2017 may be the biggest boxing and UFC promoted fight ever as Floyd Mayweather (BOXER) takes on Conner McGregor (UFC Fighter).

The fight is happening in Las Vegas Nevada and currently is more popular than the NFL Superbowl according to Nevada Sports Books.

No official time has been made for the fight and will only be able to be seen on PAY PER VIEW.

So here are some valuable things to consider for the fight in my opinion.

Mayweather is UNDEFEATED and a Five Time World Champion and won 15 World Titles.

McGregor is a UFC Fighter and Boxer and held Multiple Titles in the UFC.

Here is some major differences however that I feel will be a factor in the BOXING RING.


Professional boxers that fight in the ring always wear 8 oz. or 10 oz. gloves

UFC Fighters contestants shall wear glove which are at least 4 ounces and are approved by the Commission. Generally, gloves should not weigh more than 6 ounces without the approval of the Commission.

This gives Mayweather an advantage being use to heaver gloves than McGregor.


Professional bouts are limited to a maximum of twelve rounds, most are fought over four, six, eight or ten rounds depending upon the experience of the boxers. 

Boxing rounds are 3 minutes long with a one minute break.

UFC bouts are usually 3 Rounds but Championship Matches going 5 Rounds.

UFC rounds are 5 minutes.

This may give Mcgregor a slight edge if the fight goes a distance because he is use to longer rounds however McGregor is also use to shorter rounds so if fight goes past 5 rounds Mayweather may gain an edge here.

Here are some of the current odds on the fight from Sports Books in Nevada:

Mayweather   -700

McGregor    +500