MC Command Center Hotfix 3.9.6 is out!
 All known script errors have been fixed. I am hoping for this to be my last hotfix.  I think all “game breaker” mod bugs are fixed at this point including adding some work-arounds for some of EA's bugs, so I hope to start moving to coding for the next full release now.  I am sure little weirdness and bugs will still be around, but I can fix those in the next full release.

Fixes for this hotfix:

  • Pets moving out of households.
  • Pets moving into lots.
  • Child support being charged for pets.
  • Neglected child adoption and "Kill Sim" fixes (All fixed now I think)
  • Adoption Rename Child should work now for Inactive Sims.
  • Forget Active Sim fixes.
  • Fixed EA's new bug where the active doctor career can't be completed because a pregnant Sim won't come to the hospital at level 8.
  • Various fixes to different things that should bypass pets (like clothing/makeup syncing for example).
  • When Sims get married, their pets count as dependents when moving is determined if there are no other adults in the household to care for the pets.
  • Errors being logged when Toddlers go to bed.
  • Errors being logged when Sims take showers and then Sims forgetting to get dressed again after showers!  ;)